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Behind The Design: The Black Democrat Hoodie + Embroidered Sweat Pants

Chris Peeples

Stand for something or fall for anything. We returned this Spring with a special edition release, the Black Democrat Hoodie. In the wake of turbulent times during the current affairs of the U.S. and the world, we designed a limited edition piece. Expressing artistic and current political stances on the past presidential election, the FC Black Democrat Hoodie is an embroidered piece, with stars stitched on the hood, along with embroidered invert eagle and FC stitching, and embroidered star sweatpants to complement them.

Inspiration: It's safe to say that many people are fed up with what's going on, politically: healthcare reform, foreign crisis, race issues in the news, the list is never-ending. With the current state of affairs in our country, our goal was to make a simplistic set of clothing that also matched our feelings with what's happening in the news, hence the upside down eagle design. As much as the figure heads of the country preach unity, there are so many sectors of division & separation. Though our goal is to create fashionable clothing, every now and then it's important to step outside of the norm and create a piece that exhibits political views.

Design: The "Black Democrat" name for the hoodie was a spin on the old song "Black Republican" by Juelz Santana & Lil' Wayne. For added value, 3 grey stars are embroidered on the hood. As for the embroidered sweat pants, they were a last minute addition to the drop to compete the set for our 1st pair of pants

Location: The commercial footage was shot at Peachtree Center Station in Atlanta, GA. PCC is very busy during the day so we got there around 9:30 am on a Saturday. It also happens to be favorite stopping point on Peachtree St. The open spacing, all of the international flags, and pedestrians give off a feeling that I'm in New York City. 

Result: The funny thing is, as soon as we began shooting we immediately drew attention from tourists. Old ladies from out of town began pulling out their phones and taking pictures. Maybe they thought we were shooting a music video, especially since Christian had braids in his hair and we were walking around with 2 cameras. As soon as we were 90 minutes deep into shooting (and pretty much done) security came and told us to leave. I find it crazy (in a good way) how you get rewarded by taking risks, even if you get kicked out later. Mission accomplished.

Kaden and Ricky did a great job capturing angles & personality of the model on film. My goal for 2017 was to create more emotion in the product, visuals, and overall tone of the brand. So far so good. 

Thank you for Reading - Chris Peeples


Creative Direction & Product Design: Chris Peeples

Cinematography: Ricky Foster

Model: Christian Workman

Photography: Kaden Polk