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From the Gardens to the Streets: An Editorial by Kenneth Jones

Chris Peeples

Inspiration can strike at any given moment, and while on summer trip in Germany, The Henninger Series was born. Originating from the abundance of life and energy that could be felt from traveling through the capitol city of Munich, from the medieval architecture that still stands 'till this day, German culture is deeply rooted in the seams of the Imperial hoodie design. To execute the urban vision we worked with Atlanta photographer, Kenny Jones. Here is what he had to say about the editorial and his thought process.


"To my knowledge, the original, black Henninger hoodie was shot in Pasadena Gardens of L.A.. On the flip side, we decided to take an urban approach on the Imperial Hoodie visuals. We sought out to find interesting, yet obtainable architecture inside of downtown Atlanta. We began at the Buck head office and moved towards the Carnegie Pavilion on Peachtree Street. I personally wanted the model (Liv DeWitt) to showcase vulnerability and "just be". I'm a big fan of marble surfaces and structures, so shooting in front of the Pavilion was something I really wanted to incorporate into the brand's image.

To me Full Clip is a brand that says everything but does not have to open its mouth much to prove its worth and impact to the world. By going the extra mile to scout locations, build connections with people, to dream, to experiment; that to me speaks of the brand, it's direction and promising future."